White Oxford Comma

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Tommy Hilfiger Oxford via TJ Maxx (similar here), American Eagle Jeans (old), Old Navy Flats (similar here)

I think I’m addicted to college and I think my last post was the definition of a relapse. Sorry…not sorry? Kathy and I figured out our style awhile ago: preppy for winter and urban, edgy boho for summer. Or technically, I have some preppy stuff for winter and steal all her clothes for summer, whatever. Seasons go for music, too. Drake and R&B for fall/winter, EDM for spring/summer. Except Christmas– that’s reserved for holiday Michael Buble, Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas, and Christmas trap (the best!!!!!!!!).

I love preppy style and channeling my inner Julia Engel, but for some reason it’s just too easy to dress like Kylie Jenner in College Park. I mean you can’t really go out in Ann Taylor (except Courtney Carp). So for all my prepsters, here’s a perfectly sweet and totally appropriate outfit I wore about a week ago (subtle Bobby Shmurda reference hehe).

Post-Grad + The Feels

Old Navy Blouse (Similar here), Old Navy Shorts // American Apparel Kids Tank, Urban Outfitters High-Waisted Shorts (Similar here), City Classified Sandals (Similar here)

When I graduated (like, three months ago–I’m so dramatic), I was so over college. I was ready to move on to a more exciting chapter, to start my life and do real people things! Aka to actually have money. To buy shoes and stuff. To have my own apartment with all-glass walls and a penthouse view of Bethesda. To drink $12+ vodka in martinis without a chaser. (I’m delirious and can barely take half shots let alone forgo a chaser btw). But after seeing all my friends who are still in college this weekend, who am I kidding? I miss being able to roll out of bed and be seen by society in yogas without a stitch of makeup on. I miss being able to see my girlfriends whenever I want.  I miss thinking that going to the bars on a Tuesday night was not only feasible, but acceptable. And not only acceptable, but necessary!

I like the real world, but it’s definitely a game changer. Like, I had to claim myself as an independent! But I’m still very dependent?! And not only do I NOT have money to buy “shoes and stuff,” I don’t even have money to buy brand-name granola bars! Literally going straight to rent and a Roth IRA. So fun.

Having so many friends still in school doesn’t make it easy (So. Much. FOMO), but I have to say, I am very lucky to have lots of friends and family that are there to support me to help make the adjustment! In the meantime, I just might have to be that girl that works a 9-5 (or in my case…a 7:30-5…) and still shows up to tailgates every weekend wearing her friends’ crop tops. #ForeverATerp

Stripes x Skirts

Stripes x Skirts Stripes x Skirts Stripes x Skirts

H&M Striped Dress, Forever21 skirt, Flea Market Bubble Necklace, Snakeskin Clutch

Happy hump day ya’ll! Safe to say I survived three days at my new job!! It’s been a whirlwind of meeting tons of people, learning new lingo and getting up to speed with information! I’ve been wearing a lot of dresses and skirts to round out the end of summer, but the office is actually quite cold, so I’ll probably start wearing pants and cardis sooner rather than later!

This top in this post is actually a dress! It’s a little short, probably since I shrunk it in the wash, so slipping this full skirt on top gave me some length back! The dress is also very fitted; perfect for tucking and layering. Stripes and coffee-colored pieces are a no-brainer for me, and I gave it a pop of color with this bubble necklace I picked up awhile ago in Bethesda (so 2012, I know, but it works!).

I’m still aggressively looking for an apartment and I’m hoping my posts will become more consistent again when I’m no longer homeless! So please bear with me :)

Bridal Shower Chevron

Chevron Jumpsuit via Ross

I’m seriously ashamed for not doing a post for this long, but ever since I came back from Pennsylvania for my Aunt’s bridal shower, I’ve been busy nonstop! If you think job-hunting is stressful, try apartment hunting…holy anxiety. I’ve had a million things to do before I start my job Monday! Between meeting apartment management and random landlords to getting my finances in order and not to mention my clothes (!!!), I haven’t even been home that much! Hopefully things will settle down once I start working :) I can’t wait!

This weekend at my Aunt’s was so much fun! She looked beautiful in a casual white dress and her makeup was #flawless. I loved meeting her bridal party and soon-to-be family, playing games and eating tons of food! Her house is gorgeous and the perfect venue for the intimate party. I wore this chevron jumpsuit I picked up at Ross in the middle of last semester; I was worried it would be too trendy because I don’t have a lot of sweet, pink-y, bridal shower-y dresses (working on it!). Turns out, a lot of people ended up wearing neutrals so I didn’t stand out too much :) Hope you guys are having a great week!

Blue Collar

Blue Collar Blue Collar Blue Collar Blue Collar Blue Collar Blue Collar

Lands’ End Polo (thrifted, similar here), J.Crew Chino Shorts (similar here), Anne Taylor Loft Jelly Sandals, Snakeskin Clutch/Crossbody, Skaagen Watch

I was gallivanting all over town the other day with my mom, so I made sure to wear an outfit that was comfy and cute at the same time. I love monochromatic outfits, so I paired this baby blue polka dotted polo with my royal blue chinos. My bright jellies also add an unexpected pop of color which I love! This snakeskin bag is making its way into a lot of my outfits and was perfect for letting me be hands-free while running errands.

Black Blazer

Black Blazer Black Blazer Black_Blazer_3 Black Blazer Black Blazer Black Blazer

A.Byer Blazer (similar here), Gap T-Shirt, DIY J.Crew Boyfriend Shorts, Nine West Pumps via Ross (similar here), Statement Necklace via Rugged Warehouse, Michael Kors Selma Bag, Skaagen Watch

If business casual was actually casual, this would be it! If I could actually wear this to the office, I’d be in heaven. This outfit is so comfy, but as always, a blazer brings so much structure! These J.Crew boyfriend shorts I made awhile back are finally worn-in and the way I want them, too. I think in the fall I might wear this outfit in head-to-toe black, with black skinny jeans! Or maybe even a colored toothpick pant. I can’t wait for it to get cooler so I can start mixing in more of my closet! :)

On a similar note — remember that job I was so anxiously checking my email for? I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am beyond excited to start working and can’t wait to see what the future holds! More importantly, I can’t wait to finally have an answer when people ask if I have a job yet (I DO! I DO!). The next step is looking for a place to live! Things are finally falling into place :)

Camel + Denim

Camel and Denim Camel and Denim Camel and Denim Camel and Denim Camel and Denim Camel and Denim

Old Navy Denim Vest (similar here), Ralph Lauren Gingham Button Down (thrifted), Anne Taylor Loft Skirt (similar here), Mossimo Heels via Target, Dooney & Burke Bag

Have you ever worn an outfit that just felt like it was missing something, anything? That’s how I felt about this gingham and camel combo before I threw on my denim vest. The outfit was cute and perfectly preppy, but also kind of boring. I needed an extra layer to make it interesting, and this vest was just enough! I would have loved some black leather to mix in, though. Maybe a moto jacket or black leather boots? What do you think?

Weekend Recap

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was very chill and Cliff and I spent it relaxing, spending time with my family, seeing his friends, watching movies and getting drinks! I convinced him to get a haircut and hairstyle reminiscent of Fredrik Eklund ;) We both love it! He looks so clean-cut and older now! I have a hair appointment this week, too, so keep an eye out for a later post! We also watched Divergent and I really enjoyed it. Have you guys seen it? Hope ya’ll have a good week!

High Waisted Capris

High Waisted Capris High Waisted Capris High Waisted Capris High Waisted Capris High Waisted Capris High Waisted Capris High Waisted Capris High Waisted Capris

MSK Beaded Top, Lauren by Ralph Lauren High-Waisted Capris (thrifted), Caparros Heels, Costume Pearls

I thrifted these pants with the intention of cutting them into a new pair of high-waisted shorts, but fell in love with them as capris! They’re pretty interesting and unexpected, no? Perfect to wear with a crop top! This one was actually my mom’s (surprised?) from the 90s, but it used to be longer. My dad, for whatever reason, hemmed it up to be a crop top. I love the beaded detailing on it and the beaded fringe. Paired with the pearls, it reminds me of something out of the 1920s or The Great Gatsby era. With a twist! What do you think?

Eggshell Skirt

Eggshell Skirt Eggshell Skirt Eggshell Skirt Eggshell Skirt Eggshell Skirt Eggshell Skirt

J.Crew Blouse (thrifted), Express Skirt via Rugged Warehouse (similar here), Kenneth Cole Reaction Wedges via Ross (similar here), Studded Belt (similar here), Michael Kors Selma Bag, Skaagen Watch

If only this skirt was longer, I could wear this outfit to work! I love this J.Crew blouse I scooped up at the Goodwill in Annapolis. They have the best clothes, full of J.Crew and Banana Republic! In the words of my best friend Kath, it’s “because all those wealthy Annapolitians are dumping their preppy crap off for peasants like us.” She pretty much hit the nail on the head. And I’m not complaining ;)